Friday February 23, 2018
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Local merchants spend a much larger portion of total revenue on local labor to run the enterprise and sell the merchandise.

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The Keep It In Cobb Committee is a team of local action-oriented members from the community that seek to provide solutions to the growing issues of high unemployment, economic stagnation and a shrinking tax base. This agile team is implementing innovative strategies designed to stimulate the local economy and to connect job seekers with thriving businesses looking to grow their team.

  • JoAnn Birrell, Commissioner, District 3
  • Inger Eberhart, Assistant, Commissioner Birrell
  • Andy Eichenblatt, owner of Print Graphics
  • Stephen Gross, partner at HLB Gross Collins
  • Michael Hughes, Director, Economic Development, Cobb County
  • Amanda Jamison, Coordinator, Business Development & Research Coordinator, Cobb Chamber of Commerce
  • Ron Skeean, owner of Casual Image
  • JoEllen Smith, PR/social media expert
  • Bill Sterrett, owner i360 Group
  • Patrick Vickers, Resident, Cobb County

Redirect Spending Pledge

I plan to redirect to Cobb my spending by the following percentage?

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Keep it in Cobb
1860 Sandy Plains Road
Suite 204-153
Marietta, GA 30066

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